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Executive Suite Coaching

Executive Suite Coaching

To truly lead in an industry of adventurers and challenge seekers, you must have courage. You must be bold. You must be willing to press on through difficult passages.

In the workplace, this means proactively addressing issues of gender inequity and sexual harassment by creating and living corporate values which instill a culture of trust and inclusion. It also means exemplifying the behaviors and attitudes you expect of your employees inside and outside of the workplace.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) encourages businesses to do more than just train supervisors on harassment; they also suggest that examining how seriously their leaders take harassment complaints is critical to managing misconduct in the workplace. The weight of your company’s culture is on your shoulders. Executive leadership teams are the example by which employees will gauge their actions. They will decide what is acceptable based on your behavior and your attitude. With Respect Outside, you can learn to protect your business and foster a supportive, productive work environment free from misconduct and harassment.

Teaching Leaders to Embody Respectful Workplace Culture

Providing in-depth, prevention-based trainings to executive teams can help create a strong, cohesive message of respect which rings loud and clear to employees at every level. Respect Outside is the partner you need for a purposefully created workplace culture that protects your team and your bottom line.

Respect is Good for Business

Disrespect is expensive. More than ever, a reputation as an ethical brand is a business imperative. The (EEOC) reports that FY 2018 saw a 50-percent increase in sexual harassment lawsuits over FY 2017.

Overall, the federal agency recovered nearly $70 million in FY 2018 for targets of sexual harassment, compared to $47.5 million in FY 2017. In addition to the direct cost of lawsuits and settlements, employers which fail to create a safe, respectful culture also suffer from high employee turnover and a damaging reputation as an unethical company — a reputation that will cost you customers and deter industry talent from joining your team or taking your sponsorships.

Ethical Consumption is on the Rise

The newest generation of consumers comes from Generation Z, which demands diversity and inclusion from the brands they support.

They’re shopping their values, and they’re encouraging their peers to embrace or cancel brands through social media and online reviews. In the age of the customer, what they say matters.

Compliance and liability insulation are not enough. Only comprehensive, harassment-prevention courses can position your business as a leader, a desirable employer, and a place where ethics-driven consumers will want to spend their money. Simply put, any business which fails to appeal to the next generation of workers and customers is in line to fail. Don’t get left behind. Lead the way with Respect Outside.

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