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Sexual Harassment trainings

Sexual Harassment Training Courses

Respect for the natural world is fundamental in the outdoor industry. We honor the rules and boundaries that create a mutually protective relationship between our bodies and the landscapes with which we engage.

We do no harm. We leave no trace. We are not averse to speaking up when we see these tenets betrayed on the trails and rivers, yet we stumble when faced with misconduct in the workplace.

At Respect Outside, our Equity through Action approach to harassment prevention for outdoor companies is designed to speak directly to the kinds of personalities and attitudes belonging to this wild industry: the adventurers, the rule breakers and role benders. Your employees will not only learn how to reshape their thinking to avoid misconduct, but also how to report instances of harassment and how to move forward in the wake of harmful experiences and broken trust.

A philosophy of understanding

The Respect Outside teaching philosophy focuses on preventing workplace misconduct and gender discrimination by guiding your employees through identifying and understanding the problematic attitudes and unchecked biases that lead to inappropriate behaviors in the workplace. The purpose is not to find blame, but to evolve our understanding of gender and power dynamics through experiential learning and instruction specifically designed professionals in the outdoor industry.

Course Pillars

It’s time to strive for real change, real progress in the ways we think about and address workplace harassment and gender inequity in the outdoor recreation industry. 

Uncovering Problematic Attitudes & Behaviors

Identifying and Avoiding Microaggressions

Replacing Toxic Masculinity with Mindful Masculinity 

Intersectionality in the Workplace

Bystander Intervention

Clear and Safe Reporting

Moving Forward —  Worklife after Harassment

A Mindful Approach to Harassment Prevention

Creating a healthy and productive workplace requires trust and respect among employees. To get there, everyone needs to understand how their thinking and attitudes contribute to the culture of a team.

It’s not uncommon to believe that what we think doesn’t matter, that only our actions have impact, but internalized anger and prejudice will always make their presence known. This is why Respect Outside takes a holistic approach to harassment prevention.

We peel back the layers of privilege and bias to reveal the root causes of and solutions to the harmful misconceptions and beliefs that create discrimination in the first place. The result is a mindfully created culture of togetherness where all employees have the support and safety they need to perform at peak levels.

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