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When ‘Going Along with the Crowd’ Goes Off Course

The Professional Ski Instructors of America recently engaged Respect Outside to share with their 1000+ members about “Civility and Anti-Harassment.” Subsequently, they published an article in their quarterly magazine 32 Degrees about one women’s...

Respect Outside Featured On Outdoor Biz Podcast

Learn how we use our Equity Through Action approach to increase gender equity and stop sexual misconduct and discrimination in the outdoor industry in this short (36 min) podcast. Respect Outside on the Outdoor Biz Podcast    

3 Tips to Ending Sexual Misconduct

At Respect Outside, we utilize the lessons we learn outside and apply them to everyday work life. Trust is an essential part of what we do in our outdoor pursuits; we want to bring that same level of trust to our work lives. Specifically, that means teaching employees...